Ambassador Dankman

Hey, call me Ambassador Dankman, I am your Ambassador for all your medical ganga needs. A little info about myself, I hold a magna cum laude BA degree from an International and highly accredited University. I played the rat race in the corporate world where I originally started out as… Read More

Buying Weed Online Reviews, Personal Testimonies

Not going to lie.. At first your services seemed like a quick way for me to get arrested. What convinced me to gamble with what could be my freedom was the answer you gave to another hesitant customers question similar to my reasoning for dismissing your company as scam. quote… Read More

Deals & Specials

Now Introducing Dank Nation Dispensary’s Red….              

Buying Legit Weed From Online Dispensaries Out of State

Is Buying Cannabis Out of State Better than In-State? Yes, but this depends greatly on the source, and if you live outside of Washington State. Washington has been widely known to produce a majority of the highest quality cannabis available, and at one of the most competitive prices on the… Read More

Z Weed

What is Z Weed?!? Z Weed is flower you’d find during the zombie apocalypse. Great for people on a budget, or that want a discounted product and don’t care about the strain. Your happy just to have found pot period. Now take it and go before its too… Read More

Online Dispensary | Order Weed Online

Why is everyone ordering marijuana online today? Ordering online is a simple, safe, and discreet way to get your product without having to drive out to your local dispensary, or meeting up with your local street seller trying to sell you weed from the 70s. Benefits from Ordering Cannabis… Read More

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